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    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    The Route 66 IECA forum will be a place to share the experience of traveling along the Mother Road, Chicago to Los Angeles. If you've come here to comment on anything not related to the Mother Road–Route 66, we're sorry, you've come to the wrong forum.

    Even if you have come here for all the right reasons, know that we welcome everyone, but our staff expects a certain level of respect, and an effort to keep things real and on topic.

    We built this website and forum to inform, for you to share your experiences and exciting and informative stories and facts about Route 66. There is a worldwide audience. Don't be shy; introduce yourself.

    Sharing this information with other travelers is the forum purpose. Visit the website, check out all the forum categories, develop an understanding of how things work. The key to a happy contributor is to understand these rules BEFORE you begin posting.

    We have very few written forum rules, and that's the way we like it, but we won't hesitate to discard any disruptive or self-styled posters, trolls, or fake news. We are all here to learn and inform, please keep your other motives to yourself.


    1. No profanity in subject lines or anywhere else in your discourse.

    2. No political and or religious and or racial posts at all. No exceptions.

    3. No pornography – in any sense of the word.

    4. We cover traditional Route 66–Mother Road related news, facts and events, past or present experiences, and this is a broad enough topic for sure.

    5. No commercial posts except to the relevant category identified for the purpose.


    1. If in doubt, don't post it.

    2. Stay on-topic and relevant with your posts; off-topic (OT) posts aren't generally appreciated by our membership.

    3. Have an easy question? Try using the search function first.

    4. While we don't require "introductions," some members do appreciate them. It might be a good idea for you to do one here. An introduction lets other contributors know a bit more about your background.

    Why Was My Post Deleted?_____________________________________________ 

    1. Did you confuse this forum with our Facebook pages? You need to go here.

    2. Did you post a "pray for me" thread? We don't do any religion here.

    3. Did you disrespect another user? We believe verbal insults and battles through the internet are fatiguing and toxic. As such, we delete all that we can. Furthermore, if you can't express an opinion without disparaging someone else's, maybe you should rethink the validity of your comments? We will.

    4. Did you disrespect the Route 66 Inland Empire California Association or a member of its staff? Disrespect is the quickest way to get your account deleted.

    5. Was your thread something covered over and over again? Try searching next time.

    6. Again, was your thread about something unrelated to Route 66? We don't allow off-topic posts. Your definition of 'unrelated' might differ from ours, and that's fine. However, this is our forum, and it's our interpretation that will drive our decision to delete a post or thread.

    7. Bending or breaking the Rules.

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