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7th Annual Cucamonga Classic Car Show – June 24th–Register NOW!

Cucamonga Classic Car Show

The Sycamore Inn

Sycamore Inn - After the flood 1900s on Route 66

The area’s agricultural history began when California was still under Mexican occupation. In the 1830s, 13,000 acres of the land that is now Rancho Cucamonga was owned by one man, Tubercio Tapio, who ran a successful vineyard and winery in the area. Remnants of this winery are part of the present-day Thomas Winery building, an adaptive-reuse property that serves as a shopping center and is listed on the California Historical Landmarks list. Tapio’s vineyard land was eventually sold to John Rains and his wife and renamed Rancho Cucamonga, after the Kucamongan Native Americans who originally settled the area.
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